Vaikystės miestas

THE LARGEST ENTERTAINMENT PARK in Šiauliai for entertainment, adventure, discovery and fantasy.

The space for entertainment of over 800 sq. m. where having unfolded our wings, we will rush for adventures in a wonderful world of children discoveries.

A real aircraft and access to the park through the security check, a beach, monkey’s park with unexpected climbing facilities, SOS labyrinth for adventurers, volcano and volcanic hill for bravehearts, 4-wheel workshops and car wash facility for true racers, hidden tunnels, sports laboratory, chemist’ shop, toy’s hospital.

Working hours
The Entertainment Park is open from 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Vieta išplanavime

Monday to Friday

  • 5 € for the 1st hour
  • 3 € for the 2nd hour
  • 2 € for every additional hour

* the next hour is calculated after a delay of 5 minutes.

All visitors to the amusement park must comply with the approved „Vaikystės miestas“ park rules.

For any entertainment-related inquiries please call:
+370 626 10097. Duration of the birthdays, including arrival and departure, is 2 hours. Extension of the birthdays or other feasts for those wishing to have even more adventures is 15 € per 30 min.

Saturday to Sunday (and holiday days)

  • 6 € for the 1st hour
  • 4 € for the 2nd hour
  • 2 € for every additional hour

* the next hour is calculated after a delay of 5 minutes.


For your celebrations, the amusement park “Vaikyst4s miestas” offers:
the largest entertainment area for children in Šiauliai;
cozy and safe spaces for entertainment and celebrations;
the opportunity to bring your own soft drinks, cake, utensils, tools;
the opportunity to enjoy coffee on site;
the opportunity to invite a holiday host / animator to the party.

All about holidays in the “Valley of Feast”

During the holidays in the “Vaikystės miestas”, children are entertained under the supervision of at least of one parent (adult).
Feast customers can bring their own soft drinks (non-alcoholic), cake and the necessary utensils and tools. Drinks are also available from us. You can bring your own feast decorations, but don’t forget to let us know.
You can invite the desired host / animator to the party.
The duration of the celebration is 2 hours. If you wish and if possible, you can extend the holiday for an additional hour according to the specified rates.
Feasts. I – V – at your desired and agreed time. VI – VII and public holidays: 11.00-13.00; 13.30-15.30; 16: 00-18: 00; 18.30-20.30 * (* this time VII cannot be offered).
The price of the feast consists of the fee for the participants of the feast and the amount of the rental fee for the feast area:

Participant fee
For every kid
Nuomos mokestis
I – V 8 Eur – 2 hours
2 Eur – additional hour
15 Eur
(single fee for feast)
VI – VII and holiday days 10 Eur – 2 hours
2 Eur – additional hour
15 Eur
(single fee for feast)

The feast is reserved only after paying in advance (20 euros). If you wish, you can pay in advance by bank transfer. If the advance is paid but the services are not used, the money paid will not be refunded. The feast reservation (in advance) may be postponed to another, agreed date, provided that this is notified no later than one day before the scheduled feast.
The participation fee is calculated to the hour. For shorter than 1 hour duration, entertainment prices do not change.
The party fee applies to all children arriving, they are registered at the beginning of the party.
The participant fee does NOT APPLY to the “culprit” of the party if 5 and more of his / her frends (children) present at the party.
The participation fee does NOT apply to adults.
No more than 15 persons (excluding the organizers and service staff) may be present at the feast, who should be at least 2 m apart, excluding spouses, close relatives, adoptive parents, adoptive children, guardians and caregivers.
You can come to the feast in 15 minutes before the scheduled feast time to prepare a feast table.
Warn guests not to rush to come to the feast at the time specified earlier in the INVITATION.
Upon arrival in the “Vaikystės miestas”, adults and children must leave their shoes and outdoor outerwear in special lockers or wardrobes.
We remind you that children in the park have fun wearing non-slip socks and / or soft pads.
Please leave 15 minutes before the end of the feast to say goodbye and escorting guests, tidying up the table.
All toys in the park have their own “residence”. After the games, please help the toys and balls get back to their place.
After the party, please leave the party location as you found it.



All visitors to the amusement park must follow the approved rules of the Amusement Park “Vaikystės miestas”.

Please follow these rules:

  • Visits to persons with acute signs of upper respiratory disease (runny nose, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing), children with fever (37.3 ° C and above) are prohibited.
  • it is forbidden to visit persons subject to compulsory isolation during the isolation period.
  • keep a safe distance (at least 1 m) from each other in a row.
  • follow the etiquette of coughing, sneezing.
  • observe personal hygiene (keep a safe distance from other people, do not visit if you have symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, etc.)
  • observe hand hygiene (wash hands with soap, use hand disinfectants).
  • we recommend wearing protective equipment covering the nose and mouth (face masks, respirators or other means).
  • it is forbidden to bring food to the play area. Meals are eaten and drinks are only available in the festive area.
  • it is forbidden to be barefoot and to wear shoes, coats, jackets and other outdoor outerwear.
  • do not bring and use confetti cannons, cake fountains, cold fires or other pyrotechnic, explosive devices.
  • do not bring or consume alcohol, smoke, or other psychotropic substances.