Kategorija: Leisure

THE LARGEST ENTERTAINMENT PARK in Šiauliai, for entertainment, adventure, discovery and fantasy. 

The space for entertainment of 850 m2 where having unfolded our wings, we will rush for adventures in a wonderful world of children discoveries.

A real aircraft and access to the park through the security check, a beach, monkey’s park with unexpected climbing facilities, SOS labyrinth for adventurers, volcano and volcanic hill for bravehearts, 4-wheel workshops and car wash facility for true racers, hidden tunnels, toy’s hospital, doll’s hotel and others.

The Entertainment Park is open from 10.00 to 21.00 hours.

Monday to Friday

5 € for the 1st hour

3 € for the 2nd hour

2 € for every additional hour

Saturday to Sunday (and holiday days) 

6 € for the 1st hour

4 € for the 2nd hour

2 € for every additional hour

For any entertainment-related inquiries please call: +370 626 10097.


  Place in layout: Third floor
  Contact phone: +370 626 10097
  E-mail address: info@saulesmiestas.lt