SAULES TERASA is located on the roof of the shopping center SAULES MIESTAS. How to be the closest to the sun in summer? During long and beautiful summer days you are welcome on the roof of shopping center SAULES MIESTAS, to have a good time on equipped SAULES TERASA. It is the first and only one multifunctional recreational open-air space in Šiauliai. It is the most stylish and fashionable place for summer entertainment! The SAULES TERASA is open to all residents and guests of Šiauliai city. A constant roistering activity closer to the sun is the space where you can spend your time with family and friends. Separate spaces have been equipped on the SAULES TERASA, namely the space for children, sports, cinema and events, restaurant and recreation. On the SAULES TERASA every visitor will be able to find what he/ she needs most on summer time.
SAULES TERASA is open from May till September.


Families who come on the SAULES TERASA with children will have a possibility to rejoice the small ones with the games in the space especially equipped for children. It is the largest and free of charge children playground in Šiauliai! Children will meet new friends for summer with whom they will have a chance to assay strength when climbing on a wall, crawling on a net, going down from a bouncy castle, to rest on a swing or to build the highest sand towers.

You can find here rent of electric cars, moving mechanical little horses, even two professional trampolines and a mighty excavator. Try them in SAULES TERASA!

The SAULES TERASA is an ideal place to have fun with the whole family. Parents having left their small ones in the jolly children space will be able to watch a film in a cinema area, to play golf in a sports space, to have a snack in the terrace restaurant or to relax in a relaxation space.


In the sports space you are invited to play mini golf. Mini golf equipment will be provided to you by girls, who works in rent house near the children playground.


Communicate with your family and friends, have a rest in the relaxation zone on equipped benches where the most curious talks commence along with hot-as-summer discussions till the very sunset.


Film sessions for the small ones and grown-ups in the open-air.

Šiauliai city residents are the only ones in Lithuania who can be proud of a cinema hall where films can be watched in a day time and in the evening in the open-air! For this purpose, a special LED screen has been installed on which all summer long you may watch the most popular, liked and new films.


Most of us spend summer in a very active way: we work, run to have lunch, manage various affairs, after work we run home and finally, in the evening, we meet in an outdoor restaurant to enjoy warm nights… “La Crepe” summer restaurant is waiting for you!


We present the novelty – the largest wall of flowers in Siauliai located on the SAULES TERASA. Come to do your new selfie!

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